Jared (sarynx) wrote,


i've fallen behind in my lj. i have some things to say that fell off my mind.

At any rate, I've been offered and have accepted a job administering Linux boxen at Tybrin Corp. at Eglin AFB. It's three hours west of Tallahassee and 45 minutes or so east of Pensacola. I'm boxing things up for the move; I start on 28 March, but I won't move over there till I find an apartment.

This is my first 'real job.' The first time I really live on my own, and the first time I'll end up paying for everything instead of everybody buying stuff for me. I'm trying to balance my need for independence with a willingness to listen to the wisdom of those around me who have done this before, and trying to balance simplicity and frugality with false simplicity. I'm trying to start without much because I've seen it accrue, and I want to see if I need it.

So eh please pray for me and my parents.

One of the most relevant things I've come across in the last few days is zestyping talking about how in the world of blogging, recency supplants relevance. Everything is sorted newest first, but newest isn't necessarily best. This is good to remember when I feel like I'm not up with the blogging revolution and it's passing me by, and when I feel like I don't know enough news and haven't heard enough opinions. New doesn't mean important. Somebody I read said that the up-and-coming types fear history, because it will judge whether they and their thoughts and breathless gossip meant anything. (Don't worry, we're not 'up-and-coming'; zestyping says LiveJournal isn't hip :)
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