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libertarianism rears its ugly head! ruaarrr

Grounded: Millionaire John Gilmore stays close to home while making a point about privacy

I knew about John Gilmore and his attempt to either fly without an ID, or actually see the law that requires him to show it. What I didn't know, which this article fills in, is John Gilmore's history in computers and the Internet.

I talked with Kristi about this issue today as we drove to get Jones Soda, and I got that annoying thing that presidents in a debate get where they can't listen to the other person's point and they have to get their word in edgewise. (I'm sorry, dearest.) But whether or not you should have to show your ID to get on a plane, the deeper issue is whether you should have to obey a law you aren't allowed to see. We're supposed to be under the rule of law (as opposed to a king or dictator), and we're supposed to be able to see and even challenge that law. I'm glad there's a guy that's rich enough who wants to fight this. I guess our country isn't socialist enough that just anyone could do it. Miranda wouldn't have made it to the Supreme Court except that somebody figured out his lawyer wasn't lawying.

For other things to get fired up about, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For other things to get fired up about, that are outside the box of middle-class America, and are gobs more important than whether I'm allowed to watch a movie on a DVD I just bought, see AllAfrica.
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