Jared (sarynx) wrote,

careerbuilder.com sucks

careerbuilder.com has promising-looking jobs in Tallahassee. But they gave my email address to people who send me spam. Whoever it is that happened to post the exact job that I want didn't tell CareerBuilder who they were, so my only way of contacting them is through CareerBuilder. (holy crap! what if they're not a real company?? what are they going to do with my resume....) Every time I log in, there's a 'special offer' from some third party that CareerBuilder is in cahoots with, so I can give someone else i don't know all my personal information. And I'm worried that since I applied for this job using CareerBuilder, the company that put up the ad may pin their negative feelings against CareerBuilder on me. If they are a company and not the resume-snatchers.

And if I remember correctly, the person who suggested CareerBuilder to me is someone I love very much. Of that person I humbly ask forgiveness for my violent reaction, but I want other people to know what this site does. Maybe this is how business on the Internet works and I shouldn't be so snooty... but if you're looking for a job-search site and you don't want your email address pimped, keep looking. So far I've found Monster.com and hotjobs.yahoo.com (which is co-opted by the Open Source Technology Group as Sourceforge.net TechJobs). For a few other links, see my jobs section at the end of my links page. The sites linked there meet my snooty standards.
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