Jared (sarynx) wrote,

the wedding in missouri [backdated]

lessee where did i leave you all - kristi and i drove up to the wedding of dave mcnelley and kresha crosson last weekend. a wonderful affair where dave cried a lot and kresha giggled. a fairly large part of this (including the communion bread and fruit-o-the-vine given to them) was whispered between dave, kresha and the minister. after the ceremony we threw birdseed, and went to the reception, which was a lovely italian dinner at a nice ballroom. toasts were made, david falls (the best man) and the matron of honor prayed over dave & kresha, partly in tongues. the matron of honor spoke in a tongue eerily similar to mine. boy howdy that was weird. good cake, icecream i didn't eat, and dancing! that was fun. especially dancing with kristi.

then kristi and i spent a day with the stetson crowd (which, in this case, means katie, dennison, malli and neodave), watching a couple movies, eating pizza, playing 'battle of the sexes' (guys won! but the game wasn't really that fair to the girls.), krispy kreme..

btw, stetson crowd, especially katie and dennison, if i was too pairy with kristi and didn't pay enough attention to you, i'm sorry. i tried to be cool about that without worrying about what i should do or having too many regrets, because nothing comes off well if i worry, with friends or love interests.

then kristi and i had a lovely drive back from missouri where it was 12 degrees in the daytime, back to tallahassee (45 deg. or so at the time).
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