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Uganda: Condoms Outshine Abstinence in Aids Battle - Researchers

Compare/contrast Uganda AIDS Prevention Success Being Undermined by Infuriated UN Condom-Pushers. Discussed here, found by hymnia.

lifesite is written from a conservative standpoint which values abstinence and marital faithfulness and kinda hates condoms (at least for public health purposes). the condom outshining article above is published by the UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), the "infuriated condom-pushers" themselves.

the people quoted are maria wawer from columbia university (a "condom-pusher," i can only assume), and edward c. green from harvard, who is a chief proponent of the ABC approach (Abstain, Be faithful, or [last] use Condoms), and also a proponent of alternative/complementary/indigenous medicine. he puts "modern" medicine in quotes all the time. and he's a redhead. wawer is b&w.

the study findings that the IRIN mentions are from the Rakai Project, which Wawer has led since its concep -- er, inception in 1995. whereas green has been working in uganda since 1987, and attributes lower STD incidences over the period from then till now to the ABC program he built. i think it went up in the early 90s judging from this Ugandan ministry of health report.. maybe that was when the epidemic was catching on.

i didn't read all of green's stuff but i have to hand it to him, he's got a lot more of it available than wawer.

the rakai project is mentioned in this CDC page about the STD-HIV link. basically if you treat other STDs, HIV incidence goes down.

looks like some great stuff here.

btw phone numbers in uganda start with 011 256.
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