Jared (sarynx) wrote,

country roads, take me home, to the place i belong, tallahassee with my lassie, take me home, countr

i staged a much needed escape from my house and bed, and spent a lovely afternoon with my beloved. (well, she helped a lot... in fact she might have suggested that; i was rather desperate.) it was kinda rainy actually - but . you know. i still have quizno's leftovers to eat tomorrow, w00t. and she's happy with her papazan cushion, which i'm sure she'll tell you all about. she luvs it.

then i stayed at the tjk pad for potluck and salmon in the evening, a sumptuous repast with some wonderful people i don't know well enough (what were their names? eek!). so lovely. i got to say "the fish was delish and it made quite a dish." (trivia, as gathered from hrwiki.org: that phrase is from the Ninja Turtles.) i was so proud of myself. now if i had only not planned that. as it was, i felt too self-conscious. the pot-lucky folks left and tanya joie kristi and i played apples to apples. yay fun! but only really starts working with four people.

and my dearest and i talked face to face. i know i can't complain to anyone who is in a long-distance relationship, but i missed her. a lot. in 'dune' paul called his beloved 'sihaya' (sp?), 'my desert stream.' i thought about kristi. paul often asks her for her wisdom, which is considerable. i listened to this book on tape as i laid at home and thought and wished and missed. dune is certainly a great book.

ender's game is another. i stayed up until 4:00 reading it the first time, and i've just done it again. managed to stop although i'm halfway through. i can't wait for the sequels, which i've bought.
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